Why'd You Buy That?

--- Drew Adams ---

Drew and Dan co-founders of Weekly, a budgeting app, talk about fun topics in personal finance while also delving into the art and science of budgeting. You can find Weekly at Weekly budgeting.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Back to School Savings Tips w/ Tori Levo and "Why'd you buy that?"

    Weekly Co-founder's Drew Adams Dan Seethaler are joined by Tori Levo and they talk about tips on managing back-to-school spending.  Dan and Drew pull out their spending trackers and explain the reasoning about one transaction in a segment they called "Why'd you buy that?" Finally, Dan and Drew cover recent app updates: ...


  2. Vacation Spending + the Interpersonal Dynamics of Budgeting with a Significant Other

    In Episode 4, we talk about vacation spending.  When has spending money on vacation brought more joy and when has spending money on vacation actually made the experience worse! We talk about the interpersonal dynamics of budgeting with a spouse or partner.   We also give an ...


  3. How much to fix a spigot? Plus Weekly hits 100 users!

    Drew relays a story of trying to get the spigot on his house fixed.  Dan and Drew talk about the price of kids' bikes.   Dan discusses the upgrades to the app.  Dan and Drew celebrate the 100th user! Download the app at http://weeklybudgeting.com Join New Facebook Group at  ...


  4. $2 Million car gets in a fender bender, the Frugal Fellow and thoughts on Father's Day

    Dan and Drew discuss lessons they learned about money from their fathers, what happens when you have a $2 Million dollar car that gets dinged up and have a visit with Bob Haegele the creator of the blog, the Frugal Fellow - https://www.thefrugalfellow.com/. Finally, Dan and Drew give an ...


  5. Budgeting Redefined

    This episode introduces Drew and Dan, the co-founders of Weekly.  Dan and Drew discuss what is broken about budgeting currently and why budgeting on a weekly basis might be the best way to create behavior change.  ...