Why'd You Buy That?

--- Drew Adams ---

Drew and Dan co-founders of Weekly, a budgeting app, talk about fun topics in personal finance while also delving into the art and science of budgeting. You can find Weekly at Weekly budgeting.
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Latest Episodes…

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    On today’s episode Dan, Drew, and Jessica are joined by Yohance Harrison from Money Script Wealth. Yohance began his financial services career over twenty years ago and now finds himself living his passion as the founder and CEO of Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC. Today he’s here to ...


  2. Doom-Scrolling, Cereal in Bulk and Shoes of NY with Lexi Cross

    On this episode Dan, Drew, and Jess are joined by Lexi Cross, the cofounder of ShoesOf, a website dedicated to footwear, fashion, and the stories behind the shoes of New York. In the first section of today’s podcast, Dan, Drew, and Jess discuss "doom-scrolling" and social media as it affects ...


  3. Pet Costumes, Haunted Home Depot + Emotional Spending with Financial Therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

    In this episode Dan and Drew are joined by friend of the podcast Jessica Steele, and financial therapist and coach, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin from the Mind Money Balance. In the first half of the episode, Dan, Drew, and Jessica talk about the upcoming Halloween season, the spooky trends they've been seeing ...


  4. Netflix (and other charges), the Runway Chef and a Tribute to RBG

    In this episode Dan and Drew are joined by friend of the podcast Jessica Steele, and lifestyle blogger Alyssa Ponticello. In the first half of the program Dan, Drew, and Jess talk about the subscription economy. It seems like you can buy a subscription (or a subscription box) for absolutely ...


  5. Pre-Marriage Conversations about $, Packs of Wedding Rings on Amazon and Convo with Swell Advisors

    Drew and Dan talk with, friend of the podcast, Jessica Steele. In this episode, their conversation is spurned by the article, “7 Must-Have Money Conversations You Need to Have Before Getting Hitched,” which was published on the website WalletJoy. Drew and Dan also talk with Sandra Merrill and Chris Zimmermann ...