Why'd You Buy That?

Netflix (and other charges), the Runway Chef and a Tribute to RBG

Why'd You Buy That?
Netflix (and other charges), the Runway Chef and a Tribute to RBG

In this episode Dan and Drew are joined by friend of the podcast Jessica Steele, and lifestyle blogger Alyssa Ponticello.

In the first half of the program Dan, Drew, and Jess talk about the subscription economy. It seems like you can buy a subscription (or a subscription box) for absolutely anything these days. They also play a fun “Guess this streaming service” quiz. For the second half of the show, Dan and Drew are joined by Alyssa Ponticello from the blog, Runway Chef. Her expertise focuses on life’s luxuries on a budget. From luxuries to bargains, Alyssa talks about bargain hunting. Dan, Drew, and Jessica end the episode by talking about the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her contributions to financial equity.

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Talking Points:

  • Blockbuster vs Netflix, and subscription services
    • Software subscription services
    • Subscription boxes and “ship-to-your-home” models
    • Entertainment subscription services
      • Movie, music, and other digital streaming services
      • Book subscription services
    • Family and household subscription services
    • Decision fatigue
    • Budgeting apps are now helping people manage subscriptions
    • Movie subscription quiz
  • Alyssa’s financial philosophies and what fuels her blog
    • When to spend money on big purchases and when to go for the sale prices
    • Her favorite luxury purchases
    • Alyssa’s hierarchy of bags and prices
      • Counterfeit versus authentic bags
    • Cooking experiences and cooking on a budget
      • Developing recipes
      • Challenges for creatives
      • Food subscriptions
    • The art of being a social media influencer and blogger
      • When you know you’re onto something
      • The oversaturation of social media influencers 
    • Best bargain resources
      • Facebook Marketplace
  • The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    • Looking back on some of RBG’s greatest achievements for financial equity in America 


The Steele Maiden Blog

The Runway Chef Blog

Twitter: @runwaychef

Instagram: @runwaychef

YouTube: Alyssa Ponticello

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