Why'd You Buy That?

--- Drew Adams ---

Drew and Dan co-founders of Weekly, a budgeting app, talk about fun topics in personal finance while also delving into the art and science of budgeting. You can find Weekly at Weekly budgeting.
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Latest Episodes…

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    Drew and Dan talk with, friend of the podcast, Jessica Steele. In this episode, their conversation is spurned by the article, “7 Must-Have Money Conversations You Need to Have Before Getting Hitched,” which was published on the website WalletJoy. Drew and Dan also talk with Sandra Merrill and Chris Zimmermann ...


  2. Money Thoughts from Las Vegas, Driving Old Cars and Hanging Doors

    Introduction: Dan and Drew are back behind them mic and today they’re talking about Dan’s recent anniversary trip to Las Vegas, the coronavirus, and what it would take for him to buy a new car. Meanwhile, Drew talks about how the gambling gods got theirs ...


  3. Anniversary Gifts, Coin Shortages and Special Guest Jessica Steele

    Today we’re talking about giving away water (then buying it back), the coin shortage, the price of dollhouses, and anniversaries. We’ll also be talking with Jessica Steele from The Steele Maiden and her philosophies about budgeting. Jessica Steele grew up in small town Pennsylvania before pursuing ...


  4. The Incredible Free Machine That Hands Out Happiness

    Today we’re starting off by talking about our 4th of July festivities and what it was like lighting off fireworks at home. Then we’re going to dive back into the topic of the coronavirus and it’s continued effect (or non-effect) on our lives. In addition, we have a question to ...


  5. A Boatload of Money + the Impact of CoronaVirus on Dining Out Expenses

    Dan tells what it was like to drive across the country in a pandemic.  Drew shares how coronavirus has effected his dining out expenses  Dan and Drew talk about Mother's Day spending and Dan tells the totally unique gift he got his wife for Mother's Day. *** OUR PODCAST HAS ...