Pet Costumes, Haunted Home Depot + Emotional Spending with Financial Therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

October 14, 2020 NaN
Pet Costumes, Haunted Home Depot + Emotional Spending with Financial Therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin
Why'd You Buy That?
Pet Costumes, Haunted Home Depot + Emotional Spending with Financial Therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Show Notes

In this episode Dan and Drew are joined by friend of the podcast Jessica Steele, and financial therapist and coach, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin from the Mind Money Balance. In the first half of the episode, Dan, Drew, and Jessica talk about the upcoming Halloween season, the spooky trends they've been seeing and altered plans due to COVID.

In the second half of the episode, Dan and Drew talk with Lindsay about what it means to be on a budget and the psychology behind personal finance. What has the lack of financial literacy done to our mindset? What are our emotions which we correlate to our finances? How can we change all of that?

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The Financial Anxiety Solution: A Step-by-Step Workbook to Stop Worrying about Money, Take Control of Your Finances, and Live a Happier Life, by Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

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